Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Friendship Quilt Exhange Schedule

Friendship quilt time again! We got a little behind on our summer exchange, so let's all try to get caught up by the end of the beach retreat. Please let me know if you gave or received a quilt from August that is not noted here.

For those who are in attendance let's plan to exchange January's quilts at the beach like we did last year. If you are behind please don't despair - small and simple is a great way to get caught up. It is the thought and representation of each person that matters here. I am LOVING my little quilt wall in progress and it makes me so happy to look at the quilts I have so far and think how blessed I am to count you amazing ladies as dear friends.

August 2011 Friendship Quilt Exchange

Amelia gives to Nichole DONE
Christi gives to Monica DONE
Julie gives to Amelia DONE
Kim gives to Christi DONE
Kimberly gives to Julie DONE
Laurel gives to Kimberly DONE
Monica gives to Kim G. DONE
Nichole gives to Laurel DONE

January 2012 Friendship Quilt Exchange
Amelia gives to Laurel DONE
Christi gives to Nichole DONE
Julie gives to Monica DONE
Kim gives to Amelia DONE
Kimberly gives to Christi DONE
Laurel gives to Julie DONE 
Monica gives to Kimberly DONE
Nichole gives to Kim G. DONE

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