Friday, August 27, 2010

Friendship Quilt Exchange - August 2010

Last night we gathered at Kim's house for the first round of exchanges in our friendship quilt project. It was a great time with fabulous food (of course). We missed those of you who were not there and want to share the beautiful quilts that everyone received. We look forward to seeing the quilts you received posted here!

Amelia made this quilt for Christi:

And Christi made this quilt for Julie:

Julie made this quilt for Kim G:

Kim made this for Kimberly:

And Kimberly made a beautiful quilt for Kristen that we all got to see; it will be hand delivered next weekend! Please post a picture after delivery has been made!

Kristen made a quilt for Laurel - please post a picture!

Laurel sent this quilt to Monica:

And Monica made this beauty for me:

And I sent this quilt off to Sherianne earlier this summer:

Sherianne has a quilt coming to Amelia, so please post a picture of that when it arrives.

I have a great picture of what the quilts look like together but can't post it yet because it includes Kristen's quilt and I don't want to spoil her surprise. Trust me when I say I can't wait to have a wall of them all together in my home celebrating my treasured quilting friends!

Finally, Kim made a divine chocolate cake for dessert:

Thanks for a great evening and thank you all for participating in this quilt exchange. Next round is due at the quilting beach retreat in January. You will make a quilt for the person who GAVE you your quilt this round - see below.

Jan. 2011 Friendship Quilt Exchange
Amelia gives to Sherianne
Christi gives to Amelia
Julie gives to Christi
Kim gives to Julie
Kimberly gives to Kim
Kristen gives to Kimberly
Laurel gives to Kristen
Monica gives to Laurel
Nichole gives to Monica
Sherianne gives to Nichole