Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have not touched my projects since the beach :(

I hear you, Kim. We need to get together. Hopefully, everyone can make it to Nichole's shower. We should also plan a quilting night in April and stay on our once a month schedule. Can't wait to see your pictures. Get them posted soon!


Chicken Salad recipes from the beach trip.....

Chicken Salad

3 cups chopped cooked chicken
1 cup thinly sliced celery
2 T. lemon juice
1 T. mined onion (I use dried onion)
½ cup mayo
½ t. salt
½ t. pepper
1 cup seedless grapes halved
2 oz. toasted almonds or pecans

Combine first 4 ingredients, cover, chill 1-hour
Combine mayo, salt, pepper. Add mayo mixture, grapes and nuts to chilled chicken mixture; toss gently.

Curried Chicken Salad

1 ½ cup chopped cooked chicken breast
½ cup seedless grapes halved
½ cup diced peeled apple
2 T diced pineapple
1 T dried currants
3 T mayo
1 t. honey
½ t. curry powder
½ t fresh lemon juice
1/8 t. salt
1/8 t. black pepper
1 T sliced almonds, toasted (I use more than this and stir it into the salad. You can also use pecans)

Combine first 5 ingredients in a large bowl. Combine mayo and next 5 ingredients (through pepper), stirring with a whisk. Pour mayo mixture over chicken mixture. Toss gently to coat. Sprinkle with almonds (or stir into salad), cover and chill.