Friday, December 27, 2013

Friendship Quilt Exchange 2014: The Final Chapter

Hello ladies! At our upcoming beach trip we will do the final round on our friendship quilt exchange!  Some of us will be exchanging 2 quilts this round like last year, and others only have one to go.  The rotation got a little off in the middle due to a couple of people opting out; that is why it is a little uneven here at the end.  Ultimately, you should end up with as many quilts as you made.  After this round, everyone should theoretically have a quilt from everyone else.  If you are behind, please don't stress.  This is not meant to make your life more crazy.  Please just talk individually to the people you owe a quilt to and set up your own timetable for getting it to them.  If you see something amiss here either on the giving or receiving end please let me know.  I'm am going off of my notes and photos and think I got it all straight, but may have missed something.  I have my quilts up on my wall in my sewing room and I love them all!  Thank you for doing this exchange so I can have a little piece of each of you with me.  Can't wait to see you all in a few short weeks!

Jan. 2014 Exchange at the Beach:

Amelia gives to Julie, Monica 
Christi gives to Kimberly
Julie gives to Kimberly
Kim gives to Laurel
Kimberly gives to Laurel, Nichole (plus Monica and Amelia from Jan 2013 exchange)
Laurel gives to Kim G., Nichole-already done
Monica gives to Amelia-already done
Nichole gives to Christi, Amelia