Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quilt for Kristen made by Kimberly (hand delivered Labor Day weekend)

We had a lovely Labor Day weekend with the Inouyes! The kids all had such a great time playing together. The Cowleys were there, too. It was nice to catch up with Kristen and see her cute family. Her kids are getting so big.....and her daughters so gorgeous! We look forward to another visit in the future. I was able to take Kristen her quilt. Photos are below.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friendship Quilt Exchange - August 2010

Last night we gathered at Kim's house for the first round of exchanges in our friendship quilt project. It was a great time with fabulous food (of course). We missed those of you who were not there and want to share the beautiful quilts that everyone received. We look forward to seeing the quilts you received posted here!

Amelia made this quilt for Christi:

And Christi made this quilt for Julie:

Julie made this quilt for Kim G:

Kim made this for Kimberly:

And Kimberly made a beautiful quilt for Kristen that we all got to see; it will be hand delivered next weekend! Please post a picture after delivery has been made!

Kristen made a quilt for Laurel - please post a picture!

Laurel sent this quilt to Monica:

And Monica made this beauty for me:

And I sent this quilt off to Sherianne earlier this summer:

Sherianne has a quilt coming to Amelia, so please post a picture of that when it arrives.

I have a great picture of what the quilts look like together but can't post it yet because it includes Kristen's quilt and I don't want to spoil her surprise. Trust me when I say I can't wait to have a wall of them all together in my home celebrating my treasured quilting friends!

Finally, Kim made a divine chocolate cake for dessert:

Thanks for a great evening and thank you all for participating in this quilt exchange. Next round is due at the quilting beach retreat in January. You will make a quilt for the person who GAVE you your quilt this round - see below.

Jan. 2011 Friendship Quilt Exchange
Amelia gives to Sherianne
Christi gives to Amelia
Julie gives to Christi
Kim gives to Julie
Kimberly gives to Kim
Kristen gives to Kimberly
Laurel gives to Kristen
Monica gives to Laurel
Nichole gives to Monica
Sherianne gives to Nichole

Monday, April 12, 2010

Friendship Quilt Exchange

Make a mini quilt designed for wall display for the person you are assigned (doll-quilt sized is about right). Consider the tastes, color preferences and style of the recipient and make something special just for her. Keep it a surprise. Make sure you include a quilt label on the back.

Quilt due to recipient by July 1, 2010. Post a picture of the quilt you receive on the blog when you get it!

Laurel & I worked out an alphabetical rotation. If everyone enjoys this, we could do another round in the second half of the year rotating down another name.

Amelia gives to Christi
Christi gives to Julie
Julie gives to Kim. G.
Kim G. gives to Kimberly
Kimberly gives to Kristen
Kristen gives to Laurel
Laurel gives to Monica
Monica gives to Nichole
Nichole gives to Sherianne
Sherianne gives to Amelia

Monday, January 25, 2010

Missing the Beach

I took my nice camera with the intention that I would take lots of pictures this year. However, this is the only picture I took. This is only one of the reasons why Yoalder is an essential companion on our beach trips.
I was going to put on a picture of myself in my tiara but I thought better of it because I didn't want to end up in a gingerbread house at a ward Christmas party!
I must say, I have been more tired this week than I have for a long time. Staying up until 3 a.m. every night has its consequences. It was a good break though. I am in awe of all you amazing women.

Photos from Yoalder

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello Ladies,

Wanted to add a few pictures to the blog. The first keeps me going. This is what we saw while driving home. It was so incredibly funny!!!!! Hope you all get a good laugh from it. I miss you all and can't wait to get together. BIG HUGS!!!!!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Hello Ladies.....Boy do I miss you ALL. I keep thinking to myself "Last week at this time I was..." Kimberly I LOVE all the photos. Also thanks for the great recipes. Can't wait to see all of you at quilting.

2010 Beach House, Group Shot and Projects!

Look how totally hot Yoalder looks in our group shot!!!

Quilting Regreat 2010!

What a perfect trip! I am still on such a high from spending those days with all you amazing women. Here is a link to the photos I took. Too many to upload to the blog. I will post the highlights shortly. And, here are the recipes!
Black-Eyed Pea Salad
2 15.8 oz cans of peas, rinsed
1 2 oz jar pimento, drained
1/2 cup diced purple onion
1/4 c vinegar
1/4 c & 2 T red wine vinegar
1/4 c & 2 T sugar
1/4 c & 2 T vegetable oil
3/4 t red pepper (I use 1/2 t)
1/4 salt
Combine first 3 ingredients, toss gently. Combine dressing ingredients, mix well and pour over pea mixture. Cover and chill 3 hours. Makes 6-8 servings.

Creamy Coleslaw
1 small cabbage, shredded
1 small purple cabbage, shredded (about 1 ½ lbs combined green and purple cabbage)
½ cup diced green pepper
½ cup diced celery
¼ cup chopped scallions
½ cup mayo
½ cup sour cream
2 TB sugar
2 TB white vinegar
1 TB prepared mustard
½ tspn salt
½ tspn paprika
¼ tspn pepper
½ tspn celery seed
Combine vegetables, toss well. Set aside.
Combine dressing ingredients, stir well. Pour over vegetables and toss gently. Cover and chill for at least 2 hours.

Pimento Cheese - the BEST ever!
1 pound shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 pound shredded Monterey Jack cheese
2 medium kosher dill pickles
2 or 3 cloves of garlic
1 4-ounce jar of pimentos, drained
Put in large bowl and mix with about 3 good tablespoons of mayonnaise. (I use Duke's, a Southern brand based in Richmond, Va., that many pimento-cheese aficionados prefer.)
Refrigerate, but set out for 20 to 30 minutes before use. Monica and I also added cayenne and honey to taste. If you want to create a grilled cheese, just layer with bacon and sliced tomato! Yum!

US Open Sandwiches
1 big fluffy croissant
about 3 slices brie with rind
3-4 slices good quality Black forest ham
Wrap in tin foil, bake in 350 degree oven until heated through - about 20 minutes.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hi Kim! Its been a while since I have checked this blog. I was looking for the chicken salad recipes to print and take since we will be making them again. I, too, can't wait for our trip. Such a treat to look forward to each year!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can't wait!!!!!!

Does anyone check this blog???I am looking forward to the 14th!!!!! Can't wait to see everyone. Happy New Year to ALL. Kim