Monday, June 4, 2012

Friendship Quilt Exchange

Hello friends!  It was marvelous to spend a quilting morning with some of you a few weeks ago and reconnect.  For those who couldn't make it, we missed you!  We agreed to go ahead and do a summer quilt exchange and Christi offered to host an evening gathering in July or August where we can exchange.  Perhaps we can alternate between evening and daytime get-togethers to accommodate everyone's schedules?  I propose another daytime gathering in early fall, then an evening holiday dinner in early December.  Thoughts?  Check your calendars and see if you can host one of those events.

Here is the rotation for the next 2 exchanges.  If you can't get the summer one done, you can exchange 2 at the beach in January 2013.  Just be sure to let your person know so they don't feel forgotten!

Summer 2012 Friendship Quilt Exchange
Amelia gives to Kim G. DONE
Christi gives to Laurel DONE
Julie gives to Nichole DONE
Kim gives to Monica DONE
Kimberly gives to Amelia pending
Laurel gives to Christi DONE
Monica gives to Julie DONE
Nichole gives to Kimberly DONE

January 2013 Friendship Quilt Exchange 
(for those who want to work ahead)
Amelia gives to Kimberly DONE
Christi gives to Kim G. DONE
Julie gives to Laurel DONE
Kim gives to Nichole DONE
Kimberly gives to Monica pending
Laurel gives to Amelia DONE
Monica gives to Christi DONE
Nichole gives to Julie DONE