Monday, April 12, 2010

Friendship Quilt Exchange

Make a mini quilt designed for wall display for the person you are assigned (doll-quilt sized is about right). Consider the tastes, color preferences and style of the recipient and make something special just for her. Keep it a surprise. Make sure you include a quilt label on the back.

Quilt due to recipient by July 1, 2010. Post a picture of the quilt you receive on the blog when you get it!

Laurel & I worked out an alphabetical rotation. If everyone enjoys this, we could do another round in the second half of the year rotating down another name.

Amelia gives to Christi
Christi gives to Julie
Julie gives to Kim. G.
Kim G. gives to Kimberly
Kimberly gives to Kristen
Kristen gives to Laurel
Laurel gives to Monica
Monica gives to Nichole
Nichole gives to Sherianne
Sherianne gives to Amelia

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