Thursday, April 30, 2009

2-yrs worth of beach quilts - finally finished!

I made this quilt for Clare. She is my friend Kelly's new baby girl. Kelly lives by Nichole!!! Now, I have two very good reasons to visit the Des Moines, IA area! The fabric I used for this quilt came from the stash I collected during 3 years of subscribing to Piper's Quilts in SLC. They would send me a stack 6x6 square samples of new fabrics. I have enough for in that stash for 3 queen size quilts!
My first binding in over 2 years. I did it all by myself after I confirmed with Amelia how wide to cut the fabric. Couldn't even remember that!

This is Llia's Funky Monkey quilt. She LOVES it! I was not completely happy with the shade of red I used for the binding. A bit bright but Llia loves it so that is all that matters.

Jan of Quilts by Jan quilted this for me. She quilted a monkey in the white border. It is soooo cute!

This is the back. I used all my leftover scraps. There were plenty since I chronically over-order every time I order fabric. It is an expensive problem!

Last, but certainly not least, is my new queen size guest room quilt. This beauty was quilted by Christi's amazing mother. She did the binding by hand! It looks so beautiful on the bed. It makes me smile every time I walk by and see it!