Thursday, January 24, 2008

The blog is set up and ready for posts!

Hello dear friends!

You all can start posting to the blog. After my mom goes home this weekend I will work on posting the photos from this trip and I will try to find the photos from last year to post as well. I will also post the recipes. Anyone suffer from depression upon their return to reality? I did but I am bouncing back. Life calls!

I am sure looking forward to next year!

Love, Kimberly


  1. Yesterday as I was making Lizzie and William a peanut butter sandwich, I was wishing chicken salad to magically appear on my counter. I think all my kids are having a harder time than me about my return. They had a fun, if not unchaperoned time while I was gone.

  2. I wish circumstances were such that I could make everyone chicken salad and other goodies every day! That would require that we all live at the beach though, hmmmm.